Dictate It! Say It, Edit It, Publish It, and MOVE ON.

If your career demands that you create written or spoken content on a regular basis, please make use of the voice recognition feature in MS Word (Dictate) and Google Docs (Voice Typing). It's a real time saver.

You're probably a super fast typist – maybe 100 words per minute? That’s quite impressive, but with today’s technology, we can type nearly 200 words per minute using the Dictate button.

I prefer MS Word over Google Docs because Word allows you to speak for a long time. Word doesn't mind a little silence and continues to record while you're thinking about what to say. No need to interrupt your thoughts to press Dictate over and over.

Get it ALL Out

How many times have you had to limit your messaging just because you were tired of typing? You didn't feel like typing all the twists and turns that would fully express what you wanted to say, so you left out a few details. Your heart wanted to get it all out, but your fingers were like, “Not today; just put it in a sentence or two.”

Those days are over.

With Dictate, you can relay your complete message. Talking requires less effort than typing and we love to talk, right???

Makes a First Draft EASIER to Complete

Dictate has almost completely eliminated the whole laborious task of typing out a first draft. It QUICKLY moves you to the editing stage.

In editing mode, the hardest work is DONE: most of the content has been written (in this case, dictated); most of the ideas have been written; you just have to polish it up!

I love editing mode.


  • In Word, Dictate is found in the Home menu. Connect your mic, open a Word document, click “Dictate” and talk. Make sure to say “comma,” “period,” “new paragraph,” “open quotations,” “closed quotations,” etc. where needed. To make editing easier and faster, remember to consistently dictate this info exactly where it should appear within the text.

  • Your document may appear a little skewed while you're talking, but the system will correct as you talk. And if it every "period" doesn't auto-convert into an actual period (.), you can manually edit where needed. The purpose of using Dictate is to help you transfer thoughts from your brain to the screen faster than you can type them.

  • I suggest you don’t look at the screen while talking except to periodically check that the device is recording.

  • Enunciate. Speak clearly from your chest. Do not slur. Do not mumble or speak too fast, although you do not have to speak slowly either.

QUESTION FOR YOU: What are you going to dictate next?

Do you regularly dictate content, and if so – what kinds of documents do you dictate?

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