START or Get Stuck!

There's a lot to be said for finishing, but you can't finish until you start.

Late Night Work Frustration!

I remember being stumped one night trying to write instructions for a new banking app. My job was to figure out how to operate the app and then write detailed instructions for tellers and other banking personnel to follow.

Until that day, I'd been writing instructions for pretty simple apps.

That day, I was assigned to write about this extremely complex banking app. After reading through the spec FOR HOURS, I dropped to the floor, tears streaming down my face. I was super confused. Couldn't understand anything about the app or how to use it.

I was ready to rethink my whole career.

In that moment, I felt incompetent and not-so-smart. I thought about telling my supervisor that I couldn't do the job.

Right before I gave up, I decided to JUST START writing the instructions. "To hell with it; they'll get what they get!" I said to myself.

I started with a title, a screenshot, and one step. I started with the info that I did comprehend to get the ball rolling. I would (1) write something, (2) test something, (3) research something. Write, test, research.

Then, before I knew it, something magical happened: I began to UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE OF THE APP AND HOW IT WORKED!

By daylight, I understood about 90% of the app's functionality. The unknown 10% helped me construct follow-up questions to complete the instructional guide.

That night I learned a valuable lesson: Sometimes, you have to just start and figure out what you’re doing along the way. You'll become privy to more knowledge as you go. By diving in and actually doing the work and not just reading about it, I was able to understand the ins and outs of the software application.

Now, whenever I feel overwhelmed and "unable," I remember that night and press forward. I guess you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel until you're actually in the tunnel.

Tell me about it!

What projects have you studied . . . and studied . . . but need to actually START?

Which successful projects have you started and had to figure out along the way?

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