"What do you do again?"

Here's exactly what I CAN DO FOR YOU.

I was about to get off the phone with a good friend of mine when I asked her to recommend me to her friends and associates.

“If you know anyone who needs my services, please send them my way. I pay referrals.”

“Oh, sure! What do you do again?”

Huh? What?

I wanted to respond, “I’ve been updating your website and writing articles, proposals and business documents for you for two years — and, you don’t know what I do?”

Instead, I had to pause for a moment and accept this fact: Unless you are a nurse, doctor, lawyer, singer, actor, accountant, teacher, therapist, coach, chef, or just well known - nobody really understands what you do.

That’s an exaggeration of course, but you get it.

Not only that, but I'm sure my friend/client doesn't have the time to break down MY services to anyone because she's busy selling HER services, so let me handle that for you, Friend.

It's up to ME to tell YOU exactly what I do because you might be sitting in your chair right now, head in hand, struggling with a task that I find super easy to complete.

My job?

I am a professional #writer and #editor. I work with companies of all sizes as well as entrepreneurs, business professionals and students.

I also design #websites, #graphics, #videos (ads, infomercials, etc.) and set up social media platforms such as #Facebook, #Instagram, #YouTube, #Twitter and #LinkedIn.

Need me to set up or redesign your industry page (e.g., your Har.com profile page)? No problem; I'd love to!

Social Media Note: I can proofread your social media content for errors before you post. I can design your cover pages. Plus, I can set up and complete all sections of your business or group page, and more.

You name it and I can probably write it, edit it, proofread it or design it.

Need multiple technical/marketing/business documents reformatted, edited, or #consolidated? I can help. In fact, I specialize in transforming difficult concepts into easy-to-comprehend language.

Need a #resume or a cover letter? Send what you have to info@smartpageonline.com.

In search of someone to write or edit an #article, #blog post, creative material, #technical material, or just about anything? Me again.

So, as you can see, I am the small business owner's best friend and a life saver for large corporations who are understaffed and overworked.

Contact me today if you think you need my services. Everyone says that I make their lives so much easier when I write it, edit it, or design it!

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