Social Media is big.

Almost everyone is on it, so you may as well experience the benefits of an active social media presence, too.

If you don't have the time or desire to post content and/or create ads, cover pages, Instagram highlights, graphics, etc., I'll do it for you.

Or, perhaps you need a professional editor to proofread or edit your content? (No more spelling, grammar or word flow problems!)


Proofreading services start at ONLY $25/month!

SmartPage specializes in writing, editing and curating content that is engagingerror-free, and CLEAR. 

I'm here to help you increase and retain your clientele and audience.

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Social Media proofreading

Here's how it works:

1 - You email, text, or DM your posts to me.

2 - I correct spelling and grammar errors and return to you ASAP.

3 - You post to your social media sites.

Proofreading services are pre-paid, starting at $25/month. Posts are typically $5 each.

Excellent Proofreading

Exceptional Pricing


You deserve a professional editor in your corner.


As a business owner, you always want to display well-written content to your customers and prospects. I am super qualified to help you do just that.


With SmartPage Social Media Proofreading services, you are guaranteed a PROFESSIONAL "second set of eyes" to review your amazing content before you post it to your social media site(s). 

What an easy and affordable way to display YOUR excellence.


Social Media Set-Up & design


  • Create/design social media account pages - add content to all applicable sections.

  • Create/design profile pages on various industry sites (,, Writer's Guild, Therapists associations,, etc.).

  • Upload images and videos to social media.

  • Create custom images and graphics (cover images, profile images, etc.).

  • Create logos.

  • Edit content​.

  • Add initial posts.

I can set up most platforms. The most commonly requested are:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

  • Google My Business (create listing)





  • Other sites with profile pages

Contact me to discuss the social media set up or design services you need.


Social Media posting

SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING services are perfect for companies and individuals who want SmartPage to post to their social media sites a certain number of times every month.


I offer three levels of content posting.


Pricing is customized to reflect exactly what you need. 


After we determine your specific social media needs, I'll quote a fair price.


Services start at $40/month.

SmartPage offers three levels of social media content management:

Sorry! At capacity. Can not take new SMP clients until August 2020!   



you call it

You provide the content. 
I proof and post.

You have the material and the links, but don’t want to post to social media yourself. You also don't want to resize photos, boost posts, create ads, etc.

Starts at $40/month.


  • Proofreading Content

  • Content Suggestions

  • Formatting Your Images

  • Stock Photos


perfect combo

You provide most of the content. 
I edit/revise, research and post.

You know what you want to post most of the time, but you need me to create custom graphics, edit and  revise content, boost posts, create ads, etc.

Starts at $80/month.


  • Curating a percentage of the content (researching, writing, editing, and posting) 

  • Editing Content 

  • Content Suggestions

  • Formatting Images

  • Stock Photos

  • Custom Images and Graphics

  • Custom Videos



full service

You provide minimum content. 

I research, write, edit, create, and post.

For people who don’t want to spend time researching, planning, or posting to social media. 

I’ll take care of it for you.

Customized pricing.

Retainer required.


  • Curating most or all of the content (researching, writing, editing, and posting) 

  • Formatting your images

  • Custom images and graphics

  • Custom videos

  • Stock photos and graphics

  • Design one or more FB ads per month

  • Monthly Summary Report


Sorry! At capacity. Can not take new SMP clients until August 2020!   


Don't need a full subscription plan? Maybe you need an ad or custom graphics or videos from time to time?


No problem!


Ala Carte Services: 

Write, Boost & Edit Posts

Create Ads

Cover Images






Below are a few examples of recent social media work that I've done. 

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  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
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